[PRESS PICS] 131103 Press Conference of Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Seoul – Part 2


[INTERVIEW] 131103 Kim Jaejoong’s Exclusive Interview for SINA


Sina: Please say hello to the netizens on Sina.
Jaejoong: Hi everyone, I am Jaejoong. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone.

Sina: When did you start preparing for this album? Since you released a mini album this January, we thought it might be a while until the next one.
Jaejoong: Yes, it has been ten months since the release of the mini album, and I get to greet everyone this time with a brand new album. During this window of time, I really thought a lot about the concept and the music genre I should greet everyone with this time. The amount of work and effort that was invested in these past ten months created a lot of excellent concepts and music, so I think this album turned out better than I had expected.

Sina: When we interviewed you for the mini album, you mentioned that you wanted to…

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